Screen Printing

Screen Printing

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     Screen printing has been around since the year 221 AD - we've come a very long way! Our ancestors used it to create patterns on fabrics, then later on paper and other printable surfaces. Originally stencils were used, where printers and artists would cut into paper and force ink over using a heavy brush. Today we use screens, hence why we call it screen printing! Recently in the 20th century squeegees were introduced, the tool used to push ink evenly through the screens.

     Popular printing inks are Plastisol, Water Based, and Discharge. Plastisol inks are able to be modified with additives, making them customizable in ways such as being stretch resistant, elevated, puffy, and much more. Water Based inks do not have the unique features as plastisol inks, although are eco-friendly and have a softer hand. Lastly, discharge inks bleach or burn the color of the fabric, and the design is made through the process of modifying the shirt color. Discharge inks have no ink laying over top of the fabric, since it pulls colors out of the shirt through heat activation. This means you cannot feel the print, which in turn becomes the most comfortable to wear!


     All of our screen prints are duel cured, ensuring your print lasts, avoiding chips and washing out. The duel curing process embeds the ink into the fabric, creating a softer hand, opaque, and stretch and crack resistant print.


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